Submitted by: Niki McDaniel in Tobin Hill5:02pm Aug 1 2011

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San Pedro Creek from San Pedro Park to the SA River

My idea to improve this place

The site of the founding of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek is a diamond in the raw. I would like to see it naturalized and lightly developed as a nature/arts/historic corridor.

So that people could... 

Gather to enjoy urban nature on a naturalized waterway, go to galleries, small concerts and other performances, learn about SA's history, relax at outdoor cafes and shop at non-chain stores.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

truly unique, welcoming and supportive of local artists and musicians, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, residents and visitors who want to celebrate the real San Antonio, its history and culture.


Leanne Ball (Jun 13 2012)
The park is already a jewel. I support you and I propose cart vendors. RIGHT NOW There is a desperate need for a Summer Lunch program at the San Pedro Pool. Many responsible kids walk to the park and swim all day but don't have any place to get a good lunch. Maybe SAC has a cafeteria, or the food program at the church could be moved. There is a need, not just a market, for cold water and real food at San Pedro Park.. SAHA housing residents would like a senior swim in the morning from 10 to 11, for adults and lap swimmers only.
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