Submitted by: michelle san miguel 5:25pm Jul 19 2011

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All of downtown

My idea to improve this place

Every crossing in the downtown area should be diagonal crossing for the pedestrians...

So that people could... 

Cross the street safely without holding up traffic or causing accidents

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Safe for all people be it walking or driving..


Michael C Rollins (Aug 3 2011)
Well I can see why this might be attractive but it was tried by the Nix Hospital and it just confused the bejeebers out of our poor visitors. In a different place with fewer visitors unfamiliar with the system it might work but not so much here.
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Create more shade structures around bus stops, and possibly fans at high traffic bus stops.

5:23pm Aug 22, 2011

Main corridors leading to downtown, 0.05 Kms

Recreate the feel of the old San Antonio in the western part of downtown with wider sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes, branding of & old San Antonio & Corozon & .Bistros, cobblestone, flower mkts, etc

12:28am Jun 15, 2012

Westside of downtown -Main Plaza to UTSA-Needs a lot more focal attention to place-making, safety, pedestrian friendly, signage, feel of "old San Antonio" in future design/developments, 0.05 Kms