Submitted by: Judith Laufer in Alamo Heights12:59pm Jul 14 2011

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Houston Street around the Majestic Theater

My idea to improve this place

First, praise for the curb indentation that allows quickie parking for buying tickets. We need to maximize sitting opportunities, benches and art/boxes along sidewalks all over downtown.

So that people could... 

People with limited mobility, parents with children, weary tourists, anyone waiting -- all need a place to flop and get their second wind.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a place where the pace is slow and people are able to stop and rest and contemplate the human parade of life.


Lawson J (Aug 16 2011)
If you put out a bunch of benches, you are just going to attract homeless people and bird ladies to them. Honestly, the less benches, the less bums on the street. When you think of a park bench in Travis Park, you are probably thinking of a bum sitting in it.
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