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Main Plaza

My idea to improve this place

Replace all of the ugly, flagstone and gravel with material better suited for walking.The flagstone is deteriorating and should have never been used. The gravel is awful. Plant grass and more trees.

So that people could... 

walk, or sit and have lunch at a greener, cooler plaza.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Accessible, and pedestrian friendly.


Jim (Aug 21 2011)
I have to agree with you. I like that they made it back into a plaza, but to think they spent over $10million on that flagstone and gravel. I could have done that for less than $1million with a bobcat and a crew of ten in half the time they spent. Now they have signs up saying not to walk in the fountain areas? whats up with that?
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Mary R (Oct 5 2011)
The fountains are a design disaster. They look wonderful when they work, but they never work because of design defects. Every time we're downtown, there are barricades around them. What a waste of money. Something MUST be done about this, and the gravel and flagstone, which are not friendly to people who are mobility challenged.
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Keith (Jun 14 2012)
This is something we should be angry about. This was a city funded project and contracted to Lake Flato who as most would agree failed to create a useable public space. $12.2 million for this? Unacceptable. This is an absolute ADA nightmare (Which is in fact a violation of CIVIL LAW!). Its so shameful that perhaps the most beautiful space in the city was ruined like this.
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