Submitted by: Marisa DeBow in Scottswood11:12pm Jul 9 2011

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Central Library

My idea to improve this place

Offer FREE parking ALL the time.

So that people could... 

Enjoy the special programs that only Central offers.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

A cheap, fun, safe place to be.


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Offer FREE parking ALL the time.

11:12pm Jul 09, 2011

Central Library, 0 Kms

A central trolley terminal, providing easy access to San Antonio's cultural corridors.

2:46pm Jun 14, 2011

Alamo Plaza or somewhere central and prominent., 0.07 Kms

Connect to Mrkt Sq=Houston St as pedestrian-only market with shops and cart vendors. Alamo Plaza pedestrian-only b/w Commerce and Houston. More paseos/programmed alleys. Improve cxns to riverwalk.

1:30pm Jul 31, 2011

The Street Level. An afterthought to the Riverwalk, needs same attention for a successful dntwn. Nice historic bldgs and storefronts, inadequate landscape, activities, shade...., 0.07 Kms

offer discount parking to locals (even if its one weekend or weekday)

10:30am Jul 06, 2011

rivercenter mall/vacinity, 0.07 Kms