Submitted by: Jim Dalglish in Brackenridge Park2:46pm Jun 14 2011

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Alamo Plaza or somewhere central and prominent.

My idea to improve this place

A central trolley terminal, providing easy access to San Antonio's cultural corridors.

So that people could... 

Easily pop in and out of downtown to other places of interest.

Because I want San Antonio to be...



Augie (Jun 18 2011)
The downtown Via routes are a nice feature, although the use of normal city buses and not streetcars/trolleys help to make these indistinguishable and ignorable for downtown visitors. I also agree with this idea--having a central spot where people can get on the trolleys and learn about how to access different areas of downtown and the city would help. Right now, the Via station on Chestnut is too far from the center of downtown and understaffed to serve this need for city visitors. (And please get some real trolleys rather than buses for these routes!)
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