Submitted by: Daniel Day in Dignowity Hill12:13pm Jul 6 2011

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Connecting Market St to E Commerce

My idea to improve this place

Like On the West Side where Buena Vista brakes off from Commerce St. On The East Side this is lacking. Lets tare down the old SAWS Building and connect Market Street back to Commerce.

So that people could... 

So that the Traffic can easily re connect Back to Commerce St just as it is done on the West Side.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Because I want that flow of traffic to be crosstown and flawless. To make it easier for the buses to flow through Downtown. (flickr photo Emily Gieczewski )



Charles E. English (Aug 21 2011)
Jefferson Heights Association continue to be an advocate of connectivity as a quality of life concern in Economic Development of the Eastside of SA. We for more than 6 years have spoken to the City of San Antonio, County Commissioners, VIA, TexDot, FHWA, and MPO alike about the inclusiveness of the Eastside for better jobs and a Eastside Multi-modal in transferring folk in the least amount of time, and who depend on Public Transportation to make ends meet! We continue to vocalize the need to take advantage of I-30 as a corridor connector to I-10 East to move traffic and ask that this point of entry be met with that of heavy rail in the L-Star along East and core-less with our East Multi-modal onto the Southside to Brooks and Kelly USA. Additionally, it is a myth that the Eastside is ridden with crime and an industrial dump! The Eastside is a diamond in the ruff and it is home to a lot of the great history of San Antonio! The Street Car experience won't pass the voters if it is not proven to service the taxpayers and SA has to move beyond begging our visitors and pay attention to the needs of the end users, taxpayers and the citizens of SA and Bexar County, otherwise I do not think that the ratepayers will continue to allow to be mistreated and taken for granted! Jefferson Heights and I have always been about the people and on the correct economic development side of either economic generator. CPS Energy and Jefferson Heights Association and I have proven the exact thing everyone else continue to ignore!
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