Submitted by: Crystal Del Bosque 10:46am Jul 5 2011

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Soledad St. and Commerce St.

My idea to improve this place

Remove the old and condemned Solo Serve Building and replace it with a downtown cafeteria for all downtown employees to utilize.

So that people could... 

Find fast, easy, and cheap meals while on their lunch break.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Not only for tourist revenues, but also a reasonably affordable place for residents to work...and live. (Flickr photo by The Repo Man)



Omar (Aug 12 2011)
wrong photo. but right idea. i was thinking more along the lines of the Grand Central Market in LA where locals can get fresh produce, fresh lunches from all over the world (asian, latino, middle eastern, etc.). check it out: that solo serve building is such an eyesore in such a great location near main plaza and with the river along its back. could be a real 'wow' opportunity.
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gunsfer (May 19 2013)
anything would be better than mexican manhatten and bill millers....a healther option would be nice
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Virtually anywhere on Houston Street, the old Solo Serve building, the old Joske's building, Commerce Street from City Hall west. Look around -- you'll see abandone storefronts., 0.01 Kms

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