Submitted by: Crystal Gomez 10:42am Jul 5 2011

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All of Downtown

My idea to improve this place

Clean up old businesses by improving the look of their store fronts and adding more convenient stores that are safe to shop and that carry market priced (not over priced) grocery items and dry goods.

So that people could... 

Can feel safe to shop, live, and work downtown. Adding safe places to shop for everyday items is helpful for the busy employee, working and living downtown. This way we don't have to travel outside of downtown for simple items found at market prices.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

friendly and safe. Current convenient stores are not safe for people, especially working women, to enter in alone. Many stores are hang-out spots for drug-dealers and men that harass shoppers. If these stores cleaned up their appearances and we more inviting to tourists, the drug-dealers will leave becuase the location no-longer becomes "low-key". (Flickr photo by sean_mcgee)



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