Submitted by: robert gonzalez in robert e lee apts11:08am Jul 4 2011

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pecan and travis

My idea to improve this place

there is a small strip of empty land there this place could be cleaned up, landscaped, a couple of tables, benches, etc. maybe even add free public wifi.

So that people could... 

use this as a place to sit and eat, read a book etc. this can be used by both people employed downtown on a break or tourists. its walking distance from the library and there are hotels in that area

Because I want San Antonio to be...

an enviroment that people can visit even if you don't have business to conduct in the downtown area. As a child, my family would bring me here, not just to shop, but take in the sights and enjoy the parks ie, hemisfair etc. (flickr photo by leandromp)



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