Submitted by: Malik SAT 8:32pm Jul 1 2011

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All four major highway intersections around the downtown core areas

My idea to improve this place

Redesign and reconstruct the major highway overpasses and intersections that surround the downtown core areas to allow traffic to flow more freely

So that people could... 

Can better navigate in and around the downtown highways and streets without the flawed entrance and exit ramps or merging highway overpasses impeding the flow of traffic. Traveling on I/35 north and exiting on 281 N/Broadway exit is so ill conceived that traffic has to come to a near stand still. This exit ramp is not unique, however all four corners of the downtown area highways are filled with flawed, ill conceived, and poorly designed roads that any future redesign and construction of the DT area highways would be very expensive.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Easier to access by all who travel the roads into Downtown. (flickr photo by Remko Tanis)



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have painting work days for citizens to spruce up shabby buildings and lots. I imagine clubs, troops (boy and girl scouts), just plain locals could rally around the effort in COOL WEATHER.

10:51am Jun 15, 2012

all visible abandoned-looking lots on drive from airport to downtown and rooftops visible from the Tower of the Americas. I only take visitors to the tower AFTER dark because it is so unattractive., 0.21 Kms