Submitted by: Anonymous 10:14am Jul 1 2011

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Broadway From Travis to I35

My idea to improve this place

To have more development or incentives for businesses to take up all the empty buildings.

So that people could... 

Enjoy the stretch of broadway like it is in Alamo Heights.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Vibrant and have many things to do no matter where you are at in downtown. I feel that the problem with downtown is you can be on one street with several places for people to go and the next street is a ghost town.


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Bikepaths up thru the city along the Rail lines & creekbeds (beautiful areas) out to the 1604 quarry area. They are flood zones, so it would have to be maybe Bermuda 419 drought tolerant no-mow grass.

11:44pm Aug 15, 2011

the greenways along the railways and streambeds crossing dezavala wurzbach, dreamland, 410 and going downtown hooking up to the "Reach", 0.13 Kms

To not be afraid of height when it comes to buildings.

6:16pm Jun 17, 2011

All of Downtown San Antonio, 0.14 Kms