Submitted by: Anonymous 10:57am Jun 27 2011

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All of Downtown San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

To get big name and/or popular architects domestically and internationally to design unique buildings for San Antonio.

So that people could... 

Have more options downtown and have downtown known for it's uniqueness and great architecture.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

varied in architecture and to have beautiful, world known buildings from architects in the country (like Frank Gehry) or internationally (Agustin Landa-Mexico or Cesar Pelli-Argentina).


KMB (Jun 27 2011)
I love this idea! We have so many historically significant buildings from other periods (Art Deco, etc.). It would be great to complement them with ones that will be significant in the future. Let's continue to make our city architecturally significant! We have a great stock to start with already, now let's move forward. Great idea!
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Robert McGarraugh (Jul 1 2011)
I wish more property owners would embrace this idea. I am all for preservation as a first course of action. When this is not possible, incentive should be given to build something of permanence and significance. We have too many poorly built, boring structures in this city.
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