Submitted by: derek marc 5:30am Jun 27 2011

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Five Points area

My idea to improve this place

Turn a currently industrial warehouse area into a premier urban film studio the like of which can not be matched outside of Los Angeles and New York.

So that people could... 

Grow the film industry in San Antonio. So that we can continue to diversify our economy. So that we can become a illegitimate player in the film industry in the future.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

become a hub for many industries including the film industry. Image this warehouse district becoming the home of sound stages, back lots, street sets, etc. You could appeal the the US market as well as the Mexican market. A rail line that is slated to be converted into a light rail line in the future is adjacent to this area. You can also team up with SAC and form a education partnership with their film and television department. It's not a pipe dream I've envisioned, it's a doable reality if the proper partnerships are created within the city and film community as well as SAC. I have created a map detailing the area.



Rick (Jun 11 2012)
I wish that I would have found this website sooner and voiced my opinion on some of these ideas. While I realize that this will never come to fruition, I completely agree that this area would be wonderful for such a collaboration. There was some talk of a full service studio on the south side of town, which likely went belly-up, so maybe the needed support just isn't available. Either way, fantastic idea!
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