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in front of the cathedral

My idea to improve this place

my bars and cafes and simple restaurants. No concept places!! for some reason, anytime someone is SA wants to start a restaurant they try to make it look like Dorsia from American Psycho. Simple!!

So that people could... 

Have cool places to relax and drink. honestly, the area infront of the cathedral is money!

Because I want San Antonio to be...

not so touristy. people in stone oak for instance have no clue what the potential could be (flickr photo by caribb )



Terri Moxen (Aug 3 2011)
I love tourists but we don't need cookie cutter restaurants. We need local originals not chains. I like the idea of making it affordable for locals to set up downtown places. The worst Mexican restaurants in town are all downtown. Where are the downtown locations of our Greek, Mediterranean and best Mexican restaurants. These chains run up the rents. The city should make it clear that they are welcome outside of the central downtown area or at the mall but not on the Riverwalk. Persuasion and cold shoulders should be enough to accomplish this.
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