Submitted by: Luis Fierro 3:21pm Jun 22 2011

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Produce Row, San Antonio, TX (pathway in between Market Square and Mi Tierra Restaurant)

My idea to improve this place

Like the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" in LA, San Antonio can have its own walk of fame. This can based on what San Antonio is also known for and that is being the Tejano Music Capital of the World!

So that people could... 

.... see the Tejano Walk of Fame with all of our famous Tejano artists. When tourists come to san antonio they are immediately surrounded by music of our culture, mariachi and tejano music. This Tejano Walk of Fame would be an added attraction, and would truly label San Antonio as the heart of tejano and mariachi music.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

..... a place that recognizes its own talent and achievements, what better way to do this than by adding a walk of fame!


Brandon Oliver (Jun 22 2011)
Doesn't this already exist exactly where you are suggesting it? I know ive seen the stars going along the mercado side of Mi Tierra.
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JcF (Jun 30 2011)
This is a Great Idea. I think there may be 2 stars now, but not real noticeable. This could become its own event, "San Antonio Walk of Fame Festival" every year a new star is installed for a legendary artist. Presentation, performances, food, the works……..
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Kelly (Jul 2 2011)
Make it for famous San Antonians in general. Sort of like the Bronx Walk of Fame.
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NoT (Jul 6 2011)
walk of fame? add more stars? what do you do when you get to the 10th star? There are no "new" Tejano artists to continue this.... it needs to be more general, like how Kelly mentioned.
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