Submitted by: Clayton Elkins 11:27am Jun 22 2011

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All of downtown/inner city San Antonio

My idea to improve this place

There needs to be more downtown living that is affordable for young adults/families. Additionally, an urban grocery store. SA needs to push for adaptive re-use of abandoned building

So that people could... people can be centrally located, with muti-modal transportation options available. SA is attractive to visitors, but you can encourage young adults to stay in SA if the downtown area had better places to live. Special emphasis should also be placed on the schools in/around the downtown area.

Because I want San Antonio to be... be denser. A denser downtown encourages people to get out and walk/bike. It is environmentally sensible and healthy, and SA needs to break the rep of being a "fat" city. In Philadelphia, you can step out of your condo/apartment and be within safe walking distance of a grocery store at one street corner, a theater on the adjacent corner, and retail not even a block away. SA has the potential to have a denser population center with amenities close enough to stay out of a car. A livable downtown will give SA a vibe that will encourage students and young families to stay in SA. Right now, everyone heads to Austin. No reason why SA cannot emulate what Austin is doing only an hour up the road.


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