Submitted by: Julian Ramiro Coronado Villarreal in Arogonia Heights (I-35 & S.W. Military Drive)9:35am Jun 22 2011

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downtown rooftops of willing businesses

My idea to improve this place

to give tax abatements to any downtown area with a yard or a rooftop soley used for community gardening. Thus, at least once a week, once the garden is pregnant, there will be a local farmers market.

So that people could... 

eat healthier. be more involved with downtown. realize the importance of nutrition. be inspired to know how to garden for their own use. smile at one another around sunlight. to know thy neighbor. to eat with friends whom were once strangers.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

a safe place where all ages can socailize and be free to sit and eat with anyone anywhere anytime. It is proven that spaces with lush greenery possess lesser crime rates per year and greatly impact the overall living/working/socializing potential of a given area.



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