Submitted by: barbara hill in Woodlawn Terrace12:54pm Jun 21 2011

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the block st mary's between convent ad martin

My idea to improve this place

On this property sits a beautiful Moorish-style building, long neglected and taller building. As vacant buildings homeless sleep in the doorway in an area that is a gateway to downtown.

So that people could... 

Shop close to where they live. Currently downtown offers few amenities for downtown residents. No groceries, no cleaners. A great location for grocery/carry-out place is in the bottom of a parking garage that is used by downtown workers....with the ideal that they shop there before commuting home. The first floor of the 2-story structure could be a great carry-out, prepare food type deal, combo grocery store to support the nearby residential housing in the adjacent area . The 2nd floor of the building could house a restaurant. The tall could be turned in to residential or office space.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

more livable. and I want to see more development occure north of Houston tie into the cultural corridor of River North. (flickr photo by ChicagoGeek )



Lee Cole (Aug 3 2011)
By trying to draw in downtown commuters you might be able to reduce the problem of there not being enough residents to support a grocery downtown. In any case the building needs targeted redevelopment. The persuasive powers of our oligarchs (You know who you are Red and the Order of the Alamo) need to be put to work to persuade owners of vacant buildings to put their property to uses that will improve the city.
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