Submitted by: Roger Martinez 10:52pm Jun 20 2011

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Main Plaza

My idea to improve this place

have a statue of Juan Seguin along with a raised brass or copper document showing his determination in fighting for Texas' independance.

So that people could... 

finally understand that Juan Seguin was from downtown San Antonio and not from Seguin Texas. And the contributions that the Seguin family had in early San Antonio.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

not only a beautiful place to visit but so people can walk away with an acurate historical lesson of the contributions that Juan Seguin made in early San Antonio. Also so young hispanic can take pride of their city and our culture and what it represents. (flickr photo by Seiya234)



Mary Rich (Aug 3 2011)
That is a delicious idea. San Antonio should do all it can to establish its identity as the capital of assimilated Hispanic-American identity.
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