Submitted by: Omar Gonzalez in Monticello10:46am Jun 20 2011

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Corner of St. Mary's & Martin

My idea to improve this place

Get rid of the Greyhound Station. The area is unsafe to walk and attracts a clientele that varies in stark contrast to downtown business people

So that people could... 

Walk the streets safely. And develop the area into a retail or mixed-use site

Because I want San Antonio to be...

Walkable. Mixed-use. Pedestrian-friendly. Safe. Affordable. Full of locals. (flickr photo by ChicagoGeek )



Alanna (Jun 22 2011)
I lived across the street from the bus station for 3 years and I don't support your idea to get rid of it. The bus station is a 24/7 business with many people going at all times of day or night. It is infinitely safer than other parts of downtown that was abandoned after the business people left every day at 5pm and the downtown streets would close down. Such an abandoned state creates a great formula for unwitnessed crime and assaults to occur.
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Lee Cole (Aug 3 2011)
On the one hand I've never understood why bus stations wouldn't be on the outskirts of a town with connections to local transportation to take people to the heart of a city rather than delaying long distance travel by detouring the bus into every downtown. On the other hand a bus station in the center of town will always have better municipal transit service than one on the outskirts.
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Skeet (Aug 8 2011)
I don't agree with removing the bus station. I would prefer to see more security on site to make customers feel safer. The Greyhound bus is sometimes the only way for folks to get from one Texas city to another.
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