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Houses in hemisphere park

My idea to improve this place

Renovate interiors of the Houses in hemisphere park (for safety, code and fixes) and decorate interiors. Open houses up during certain hours for walk throughs.

So that people could... 

People can view the interior architectural features of the houses as well as get a glimpse of how they would have been decorated and furnished during their hay day.

Because I want San Antonio to be...

more open, and available for the appreciation of historic architecture. It's cool to walk through and look at the houses, but the interiors of the homes offer such beauty, by adding some antique furniture and items through donations the homes can be opened during certain hours, take in donations or even charge a small fee for walk through to cover upkeep etc. It would bring more people through the park because let's face it, looking at the outside of a house is great... but wouldn't it be wiser to open them up and allow people to walk through them and have something to look at. (flickr photo by Broken Piggy Bank)



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