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First, praise for the curb indentation that allows quickie parking for buying tickets. We need to maximize sitting opportunities, benches and art/boxes along sidewalks all over downtown. 1

12:59pm Jul 14, 2011

Where? Houston Street around the Majestic Theater

By Judith Laufer

Install an "iHeart San Antonio" kioske, an information booth. 0

9:17pm Jul 13, 2011

Where? The area in front of City Hall or Milam Park

By Ernest Hernandez

Offer FREE parking ALL the time. 0

11:12pm Jul 09, 2011

Where? Central Library

By Marisa DeBow

Locals should be given larger discounts to attractions, public transportation, river taxi, parking, parking, parking 0

5:55pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? Downtown and River Walk

By Lucy Perez

give more incentives to developers to build a high number of residential units in well designed buildings; buildings that make walking interesting. 0

12:17pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? All of DT

By Nehemiah Torres

Utilize the "non barge" riverwalk sections for things such as paddleboats, kayaking. 2

11:26am Jul 06, 2011

Where? non barge sections of riverwalk

By denise aguirre

Extend and increase the size of San Pedro Park. Turn the VIA HQ block just south of San Pedro Park into a new section of the park. 1

10:37am Jul 01, 2011

Where? Alta Vista, Five Points

By derek marc

narrow the lanes so there is AT LEAST a couple feet on either side for people to walk across the bridge. It gets a lot of foot traffic, at least one motorized wheel chair and countless bicyclists 1

3:04pm Jun 23, 2011

Where? Bridge across San Antonio River on Roosevelt Ave S

Fix the corners. There are metal stubs sticking up, no one with any ada issues can possibly push the walk button without being in traffic. The islands are not pedestrian friendly At All 0

3:01pm Jun 23, 2011

Where? corner of S St Mary's and S Alamo

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