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Our idea to improve this place is KITE FLYING. Kite flying is a sport, art, recreation, fun and social activity. It is for everyone; all ages, genders, cultures, social or economic layers of SATX. 0

1:12am Jun 17, 2012

Where? The idea can be applied at different locations of SATX. It especially enriches the Riverwalk Improvement Project. We choose East bank of BlueStar Arts Complex towards the mission trail as a starter.

By Ela & Ramin Poursani

I heard that there once were paddleboats on the river! Lets bring them back and do a similar rental system to the B-Cycle. If not the SA river then definitely San Pedro Creek ... but ideally both. 0

10:06am Jun 16, 2012

Where? Riverwalk/San Pedro Creek

By Rob Abodeely

This under-utilized city icon should be used to serve as a public land (and water)to the residents and visitors of San Antonio. I propose the area of the land and water to be used as a city pool/park. 0

1:49am Jun 15, 2012

Where? SA River adjacent to Blue Star Complex and lower areas

By Armando Santos

Crazy I know, -along with the restoration, linear parkway new designs -create a Lazy River -Flowing creek that can be recreationally used by residents and visitors. We lack the usability-keep cool! 0

12:47am Jun 15, 2012

Where? San Pedro Creek

By Hot Resident

Build a free shaded swimming pool for neighborhood. 0

12:13am Jun 14, 2012

Where? Lion's Field and Breckenridge Park

By Linda Walton

Needs shaded park benches and water fountains.Dredge and clean up the water in the gully. 0

12:06am Jun 14, 2012

Where? All of Mahncke Park

By Linda Walton

Summer nutrition program desperately needed at the San Pedro Park pool. 0

3:41pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? San Pedro Springs Park

By Leanne Ball

Highland Park Blvd. should be streetscaped w/trees to provide shade for biking & running. The same for Steves Rd. and add a dedicated bike lane. To allow for easy biking access to the River. 1

9:40am Jun 13, 2012

Where? Highland Park Blvd. & Gevers St. & Steves Rd & Gevers St.

By Michael Escalante

Seed this creek area with a diversity of wildflowers. 0

5:39pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? W. Magnolia Ave. & West Dr., at Martinez Creek

By Kurt Retherford

Utilize one of the already built rest areas with a pop-up cafe serving cold or hot drinks that could employ and train at-risk youth. 1

10:55am Jun 12, 2012

Where? Mission Reach river walk

By Paul Flahive

get rid of the parking lot and parking on Laredo. Put a public fountain that we can actually use to cool of like they did with Crown fountain in Chicago's Millennium Park 0

2:06pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? laredo and nueva across from Casa Navarro

By Rob Abodeely

Once a month (or more), use the money to open the downtown river walk section to kayaks and canoes by closing it off to tourist barge traffic. 0

11:13pm Jun 05, 2012

Where? San Antonio River Walk Downtown

By Brian Shimek

The site of the founding of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek is a diamond in the raw. I would like to see it naturalized and lightly developed as a nature/arts/historic corridor. 1

5:02pm Aug 01, 2011

Where? San Pedro Creek from San Pedro Park to the SA River

By Niki McDaniel

Allow personal watercraft on the river 1

7:23pm Jul 14, 2011

Where? SanAntonio river

Utilize the "non barge" riverwalk sections for things such as paddleboats, kayaking. 2

11:26am Jul 06, 2011

Where? non barge sections of riverwalk

By denise aguirre

Make a 6 month or year pass available to residents to use the river taxi and/or river barge. 3

2:20pm Jul 01, 2011

Where? Riverwalk

By Brian Hanes

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