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Public spaces used for monthly performances by youth interested in pursuing music or careers in the arts.Combine with Tues. evening free parking for families and locals to come and support their kids. 0

4:32pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? All of Downtown

By Barbara James

Offer FREE parking ALL the time. 0

11:12pm Jul 09, 2011

Where? Central Library

By Marisa DeBow

Locals should be given larger discounts to attractions, public transportation, river taxi, parking, parking, parking 0

5:55pm Jul 06, 2011

Where? Downtown and River Walk

By Lucy Perez

offer discount parking to locals (even if its one weekend or weekday) 0

10:30am Jul 06, 2011

Where? rivercenter mall/vacinity

By angela delagarza

Bottom floor, Urbanmarket. Next 4-5 floors, parking garage for Blue Star, etal. Top floor, Skate Park with terrain, half pipe and plenty of seating. 0

12:12am Jun 29, 2011

Where? Silos, south of Blue Star; currently vacant except construction equip and materials.

Free parking 24/7 everyday instead of the mass amounts of lots downtown charging 0

11:36pm Jun 22, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio Metro

By Leah Whitmire

Build a city-run parking garage just outside the core downtown district and provide shuttles from the garage to major intersections downtown. The goal: affordable parking & less congestion 1

9:02pm Jun 18, 2011

Where? Outside downtown core

Provide some safe, welcoming parking options near La Villita and HemisFair Park. Both are gems in our city that are underutilized because SA residents cannot easily access them. 0

11:17am Jun 18, 2011

Where? Corner of Alamo and Nueva

By Augie Ray

Return the 2 hour free parking with validation at Rivercenter Mall. 2

10:59pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Rivercenter Mall

The worst thing about coming downtown is that there is not enough free/inexpensive parking and meter maids are always on the prowl. Figure how to provide better/cheaper parking. 3

10:22pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Within a 3 to 5 block walk to the downtown portion of the riverwalk.

By George Gwaltney

Reverse the course that the repaving of Houston St. has done. Open it up again to allow for more lanes rather than one in both directions. Increasing the ease of access to downtown is vital to rebirth 3

3:52pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? Houston St.

By Armando Gaytan

No more surface parking lots 0

3:50pm Jun 17, 2011

Where? All of downtown

By Number Two

Free parking or reasonable parking fees. Why live, work, dine or shop downtown when you do not have to pay to park elsewhere in the city? 0

6:38pm Jun 16, 2011

Where? Everywhere in the central business district.

By Michael Marke

Add digital parking space signs counting system on DT public parking garages to help facilitate parking. I believe the city is working on implementing the idea during the fall. 0

12:24pm Jun 16, 2011

Where? All downtown parking garages (Pic of garage on corner of Travis and N St. Mary's

By Malik SAT