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Construct roundabout and convert Houston to two-way. Modify streets adjacent to Alamo to provide streetscaping, seating, landscaping and plaza space commensurate with the historic nature of the area. 0

10:43am Jun 18, 2012

Where? Houston, 3rd & Bonham Intersection

By Kerri Collins

beautify this aged quadrant in the middle of Highland Park to an updated mini neighborhood center. Lined by bike lanes & 2 blocks fr Bode Center 0

11:51pm Jun 17, 2012

Where? 2300 S.Gevers/1200 Highland Blvd 4 corners

Provide a two lane bicycle path along the existing railroad right of way from Loop 1604 near the I 10 Park and Ride lot into the downtown area. This is approximately 15 miles. 0

11:09pm Jun 16, 2012

Where? The railroad right of way from 1604 near the IH 10 park and ride to downtown.

By Michael Carter

This road used to be the highway to Austin back in the 60s until IH35 bipassed. Its is a 4 lane + wide shoulders road of asphalt. Change medians/shoulders into landscaped/shaded walking spaces. 0

10:31am Jun 14, 2012

Where? Austin Highway

By Kent Brittain

Every four lane street or highway should have a sidewalk. The city should allow companies to donate for construction, then put logos in sidewalks for permanent reminders of their gifts. 0

10:51pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Loopland, all around 410, downtown to burbs.

By David Bosworth

Narrow the roadway from 6 to 4 lanes of traffic in each direction and converting the outerlanes on each side to bus and bike only. 1

6:32pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Broadway from Jones to Austin Highway

By Annalisa Peace

The addition of one B-cycle station downtown, with approximately 10 bikes, to the bike share system, providing a healthy alternative means of transportation, all for a small price. 0

3:06pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Downtown San Antonio (exact location would be located with all relevant parties)

By Katherine Gainey

Add one B-Cycle “docking” station and approximately 10 bikes in order to link it to other stations in the bike share system, further expanding the program’s connectivity and density. 0

12:00pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Downtown San Antonio- location could be determined collectively with LQC representatives

We need to improve transportation for our elderly, they have mobility challenges. More buses, possibly a train system...I would also like to see the city encourage community gardens in vacant space. 0

10:29am Jun 13, 2012

Where? All of San Antonio

By Teresa BAnda

There are quite a few bus stops without any shade. I have an idea to build inexpensive shade canopies that can easily be attached to benches or bus stop poles. 0

3:06pm Jun 10, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio - Bus Stops

By Meredith

Elevated bike paths above city traffic 1

2:52pm Jun 09, 2012

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

By Rob Abodeely

Reform legislation that restricts pedicab hours and zone / Incentivize the pedicab industry 0

5:34pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Downtown streets

By Laura Muraida

Create more shade structures around bus stops, and possibly fans at high traffic bus stops. 1

5:23pm Aug 22, 2011

Where? Main corridors leading to downtown

By Laura Muraida

easy access - make walk paths, bike paths to make it easy to get downtown. Also, create a train station dwntwn that has trains to/fro san marcos, austin, new bran etc. Make SA a hub! 1

6:49pm Aug 18, 2011

Where? All of Downtown SA

Some way to get from Highway 46 to downtown without driving a car. We used to take the train from Albany into NYC a couple of times a month. Because we could. 0

12:26pm Aug 16, 2011

Where? Downtown San Antonio

By Kate Hayward

is to increase accessibility and functionality as a living place - not just a destination place. We need easy and multi-modal public transportation and access to everyday, quality goods and services. 1

6:36pm Jul 28, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio

Is to build a mass transite system above ground such as a monerail system 0

10:42pm Jul 15, 2011

Where? All of Downtown San Antonio


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