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Establish art district character by building natural hardscaped island places with local artist installations, attracting citywide visitation &also support neighborhood celebrations & family events 1

12:29am Jun 18, 2012

Where? With its unique traffic islands, small urban scale, and walkability, kid friendly 1940’s Terrell Heights community bordering the McNay Museum can become a distinctive neighborhood city art district.

By Steve & Judith Temple (for the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association)

Bring back in modern form the historic Bat Roosts that I remember seeing in the Olmos Basin when I was a kid. Dr. Campbell's bat roosts could be restored in open spaces across SA. 3

12:26am Jun 18, 2012

Where? Olmos Basin Park, On Jackson Keller between McCullough and San Pedro, either adjacent the Farmers Market site or across Jackson Keller

By Randy hohlaus

A short term project is a community garden in one of the empty lots that is owned by the county using this corner-scape as a catalyst for development. 0

11:18pm Jun 17, 2012

Where? Intersection of Iowa and Pine Streets in Denver Heights Neighborhood

Transform San Pedro Library into a destination library for the neighboring communities. Create a patio space in the rear to relax and open it up to the park. 0

5:41pm Jun 17, 2012

Where? San Pedro Public Library back entrance and grounds renovation

By Jen Khoshbin

MEMORY OUTLINE: Create a vertical outline of the once existing storefronts on the perimeter of the lots. Made by local artists, the outline would recall the physical history/memories of our community. 0

6:10pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? The sidewalks between the Guadalupe Theater and El Paso Street.

By Lisa Montoya

Create a culture canopy over the parking lot next to the Guadalupe Center. Under the canopy there would be plants/ benches and places for neighbors to enjoy the shade and the programs of the GCAC. 0

5:43pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? The Guadalupe Corridor. The corner of Brazos Street between Guadalupe and El Paso Street.

By Peter Shugart Ortiz

Public spaces used for monthly performances by youth interested in pursuing music or careers in the arts.Combine with Tues. evening free parking for families and locals to come and support their kids. 0

4:32pm Jun 15, 2012

Where? All of Downtown

By Barbara James

Recreate the feel of the old San Antonio in the western part of downtown with wider sidewalks, reduced traffic lanes, branding of & old San Antonio & Corozon & .Bistros, cobblestone, flower mkts, etc 0

12:28am Jun 15, 2012

Where? Westside of downtown -Main Plaza to UTSA-Needs a lot more focal attention to place-making, safety, pedestrian friendly, signage, feel of "old San Antonio" in future design/developments

By San Antonio - Resident

is to develop downtown historical, architectural, and cultural kiosks (electronic apps and place markers with descriptions) similar to Houston St. -All over downtown! 0

8:17pm Jun 14, 2012

Where? All Downtown San Antonio!

By Mo- Brown

Acquire the land from the stalled development project and create a multi-purpose demonstration farm and restored prairie run by disabled veterans, as an urban farm incubator and education center. 2

1:05am Jun 14, 2012

Where? Site of the former Bentwood Place Apartments and two motels that were demolished

By Leslie Provence

Surrounded by art, music and literature (and on the blue trolley line!), turn this spot into a permanent Art Space. Giant walls provide natural canvases with architectural interest and view of River. 0

1:40pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Empty Parking Lot between Bonds Rock Bar and Korova on East site of Soledad between Martin and Convent

By Silvia McCollom

Pop-up Art Museums. 0

8:38pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Downtown or other area with abandoned storefronts

By Laverne Pitts

Instead of another strip mall or gated community, I suggest a Spiritual Park that represents different faiths, with walking paths, reflecting pool, meditation gardens, or a circular labyrinth. 0

8:03pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? Undeveloped land along East/West 1604 access roads between Bitters and I-10

By Cara Vento

My idea:"ART IN THE PARK" a semi-permanent easel to fit 4 kids on one side,4 on other, with a small canopy above(sun protection)and bench, where kids can draw/paint maybe free wkend classes! Wd Lv It 0

1:59am Jun 12, 2012

Where? City Park and/or Public Spaces (Public Library, Museums)

By Georgina Lopez-Rodriguez

Convert the steep, sloping banks of drainage areas into TERRACES to plant functional food gardens (MiLPAS) aesthetic green spaces by incorporating ancient techniques of the ancient Maya/Inca 0

11:43am Jun 07, 2012

Where? Drainage Ditch on South Colorado between Buena Vista and Cesar Chavez

By Richard E. Martinez

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