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beautify aged strip center in Highland Park,bring popup cafe,internet cafe/little library, re-purpose empty lot into community garden and encourage use of bike lanes linking to Bode Community Center 0

12:14am Jun 18, 2012

Where? 2300 S Gevers/1200 E Highland Blvd (4 corners)

By Angela Cardona

There is a building that formerly housed an Albertsons & a HEB. a big empty shell . My idea is to stage the windows as art pieces lighting them from within. Speakers will play soundtrack. 2

11:07pm Jun 17, 2012

Where? Corner of Hwy 281 & Evans Road

By Lauren Hughes

Take over abandoned properties in these older neighborhoods, tear down the failing structures and create pocket parks! 0

10:20am Jun 16, 2012

Where? Willshire Terrace ... and other older neighborhoods.

This is an empty lot that could be put to used by turning it into a community garden, specially now that kids are out of school. But people involved can be of any age, physical work is minimal. 0

5:53pm Jun 14, 2012


By Javier Ramos-Garcia

Build a walking, jogging, running track just like the one at UTHSC...then put exercise equipment and playground items in the center. 2

11:53pm Jun 13, 2012

Where? Vacant area in Dreamland Oaks due to the COSA demolishing numerous homes and leaving a large vacant space that runs parallel to railroad tracks, just south of Dreamland St

By Frank Rodriguez

It would make use of all the empty real estate, and big spaces going to waste. "A Place to Meet" 0

6:13pm Jun 12, 2012

Where? All empty buildings around San Antonio

By Pete Araiza

Take an empty lot or an existing building on the East Side to make a community space, emphasizing educational programs, music, art and gardening for at-risk youth and the elderly. 2

12:57pm Jun 08, 2012

Where? Downtown, Eastside Location, Hackberry, Dakota Area

By Kelsey Jack

A used book store or a used book swap location. 0

1:45pm Jun 06, 2012

Where? any of the abandoned buildings on S.W. Military- such as the closed Sonic Drive Inn Restaurant

By Leora Uribe

Have the city encourage communities to create self developed garden spaces in vacant "spaces" all around San Antonio. 0

2:38am Jun 01, 2012

Where? undeveloped spots all around San Antonio

By Mauricio Gudiño Jr.

Make the grounds behind SAMA a public space (although privately owned) with gardens and utilize the existing plaza spaces there. Open late-hour restaurants/retail in under-utilized historic buildings. 0

2:59pm Aug 04, 2011

Where? San Antonio Museum of Art

By Aaron Richmond-Havel

Community Urban Farming Center: 1

11:15am Aug 04, 2011

Where? Downtown

By Axioma

Open it for community activities. 0

6:24pm Aug 02, 2011

Where? Building in Lockwood Park

By Sylvie Shurgot

Turn the empty buildings, warehouses, and other structures into more residential condos and lofts with more activity at the street level with retail etc. 0

5:19pm Jul 05, 2011

Where? Northwestern corridor of Downtown SA, North of Travis and West of Soledad and the Central Library

By Malik SAT

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