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Mixed Use Shopping Center

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This development has been highlighted as one of the new shopping center types that represents a downtown. In many ways they succeded, but in the deatails they missed profoundly. Everything is there...the parking, residential, office, restaurants and shops. However, the people are hidden by heavy columned arcades; the restaurants disappear behind the architecture on major corners; and the main focal point is a vehicle valet drop off so all you see are people getting in and out of their vehicles. The park is not really for strolling because it doesnt reach out at the edges to the neighborhoods, or adjacent destinations. And the park, while beautiful, doesnt have any food, games or play areas, so it isn't a draw on its own. There is also an art museum that might as well be in another county for all its' connection to ths shopping center. This shopping area is a mixed use area the uses of which don't mix. The architecture was more important than the overall connection or sense of place. Lastly, looking down the roads, all you see are cars and no people. All this emphasis on design has failed to make a place. Thus we have put it on the Hall of Shame because it should be and could be a wonderful example of a new development that works...one of the few.

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Mixed Use Shopping Center
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Mizner Park
Boca Raton
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