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functional shadeseating lincolnRdMallMiami 24

granite wall

granite wall in a plaza

Jardin des Tuileries - Sculpture

Jardin des Tuileries
jean tinguely, water features

kaslow the sanctuary

orlando church st station market 19

painted bench2 chicago airport IL fk 2001

painted bench chicago airport IL fk 2001

painted bench jazz chicago airport IL fk 2001

public art 01

public art 02

public art 03

public art 04

public art 05

public art 13

public art savannah ga 1987 20

Public art sculpture seating benches plaza

public art seating2 Brewster NY summer 2002

public art seating Brewster NY summer 2002


sculpture rocks

seating bench

seating bench

mayor curley park
boston, MA

plaza rosenthal
new york, NY
stockholm seatable art

stone public art

philadelphia, PA
thomas dubbs play equipment

tivoli 1997 fk km cn-1 13

train station benches and sculpture

wood sculpture

zurich 1999 fk a8 2 31

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