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sculpture denver botanic gdns JC Jul 2002 climbing kids interaction

sculpture fair

Sculpture figurative painter man statue landscape sidewalk

Sculpture figurative woman people statue seating outdoor

sculpture garden

sculpture garden

dallas , TX
sculpture garden

dallas, TX
sculpture garden

dallas, TX
sculpture garden courtyard Dallas TX

sculpture giant teapot

sculpture girl riding horse

sculpture, gorilla

{sculpture, gorilla copy}

sculpture graden

metropolitan museum
new york, NY
sculpture in a small plaza

boston, MA
sculpture lobby LTV Center Dallas TX

Sculpture mosaic tile art bus shelter

sculptureodense denmark 43b

sculpture of dancing people

sculpture on the sidewalk

sculpture park plaza

Sculpture people art interaction tourists photo fun

sculpture pike place market 34a

Sculpture Pike Place Market Seattle Pig public art Seattle WA

Sculpture public art

sculpture reflective roadside

sculpture rocks

Sculpture sculpture art interaction people seating animals

Sculpture sculpture art new york city central park Alice in Wonderland detail New York NY

sculpture seals light rail

Sculpture Water Features fountain interaction people tourists photo

{sculpture waterfront mobile}

sculpture woman at benches

seating bench

seating bench

mayor curley park
boston, MA
seating sculpture

city park
lancaster, PA
seating woman sculpture

Seattle Pike Place Market public art sidewalk bronze Aug 2003 JC

Sept06fkkm 199

Luxembourg Garden
seward johnson bench cn-1 08

seyed alavi underpass 1992 cn-1 12


sidney simon elephantandthemouse prospect park

singers and music hall mural

sitter fountain

somerville park

Somerville, MA
sound art jauney soundstair

stag sculpture

Luxembourg Gardens
statue justice newark courthouse

statue prague


plaza rosenthal
new york, NY
stockholm 2000 fk a22 1 09

stockholm seatable art

stone public art

philadelphia, PA
storm king

subway frescoe

subway interior station mural

washington, DC
temp art display nyc broadway

The Behold Monument

atlanta, GA

park ave
new york, NY
thomas dubbs play equipment

tile {} water fountain bronx

timesSqtower PeterMaussphoto 18

Title FlightStop interior 32

tivoli 1997 fk km cn-1 13

Tokyo Japan May060029

toledo oh figurative sculpture

toledo waterfront sculpture

toronto building facade mural

toronto ice sculpture

tower of alpha

train station benches and sculpture

transistor scrim_construction  fence

concorde square
{transit signage}

tree mural

holland tunnel
new york, NY
turtle  sculpture

Forest Park
St. Louis, MO
tuscany italy ek 2003 11

tuscany italy ek 2003 12

umbrella girls sculpture

Uptown Chicago Jun07 042

Chicago, IL
Uptown Chicago Jun07 043

Chicago, IL
vegetation mural

venice beach public art mural

victor clothing advertising mural

los angeles, CA


Natural History Museum
wall graffitti

New York, NY
water abstract sculpture

water art roosevelt island fk

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