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Frank Gehry Guggenheim interior food court bilbao spain ek 2003

Guggenheim Museum
IBM - New York - Courtyard with Sculpture and Tables

New York, NY
LaGuardia airport cafe flower beds

cafe Getty Museum LA CA

Cold Spring Harbor Nov06 087

Dallas, TX
Cold Spring Harbor Nov06 089

Dallas, TX
Cold Spring Harbor Nov06 090

Dallas, TX
historic cafe sunporch image from Grand Hotel book

Img 0486

Dallas, TX
Img 0486

Dallas, TX
Indoor cafes food courts

Indoor cafes food courts independent cafes

Indoor newspaper kiosk with seating

nyc barneys idoor cafes 13

nyc foodcourt constructionmitigation cafes 01

Philadelphia May07 012

Reading Terminal
Philadelphia, PA
sony building atrium food vendor 550 madison nyc ek 2003

sony building atrium seating 550 madison nyc ek 2003

South Street Station

Boston, MA
stolkholm opera house cafe SD

washingtondc unionstation indoor cafes 10