A Nice Place to Sit

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Amsterdamfk2april 050132

Art of path good

bench people bike

Bergenapril07fkkm 004

Bergenapril07fkkm 030

boston map quest

Brookyn Street Seating Nyc 2005 002

Brooklyn, NY
{cafe between cars}

civic center San  francisco CA ek 2003 06

San Francisco, CA
Coney Island

Coney Island
New York City, NY
Crowd on Sitwall


family seating riverside CA fk 1992

France popsicle girl ek 2001


Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA
girls seating riverside CA fk 1992

london trafalgar square seating

los angeles 1997 fk a11 1 07

Madrid spain seating elderly children ek 2003

nice place to sit san juan PR sd 1992

nyc village cafe ek 2001

Paris plage seating

Paris rue des  Rosiers FK 08

people 1993 bus stop reading 09

People and Wildlife seating comfort people parks affection interaction

people in transit

People {} seating favorites waterfronts

People {} seating favorites waterfrontsBW

People seating sleeping people street scene favorites

people sitting on bollards

people tribeca nyc ek 2002 02

perugia men on bench0

plaza sienna italy

please just a nice place to sit

battery park city
New York, NY
pps image collection 200

Romenaplesfkkmdec 1000032

Holiday Market
salamanca sit wall plaza



seating fk1

seating fk9

seating people sidewalk street scene sidewalk favorites

seating storefront amsterdam

sidewalk amenities dusseldorf

sidewalk elements 2001 a28 1 09

{sitting on street sign amsterdam}

somerville park

Somerville, MA
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