Hachiko Square

in front of Shibuya Station
Tokyo, Japan

Submitted by: sonia katchian

There presense of a sculpture of the dog Hachiko brings a feeling of calm to this hectic intersection.

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Why It Works

Hachiko Square is about the size of the front of the New York Public Library and is undistinguished as far as plaza designs go, except for the presence of a sculpture of the dog Hachiko who met his master faithfully every night at a certain hour, and then his master died, but Hachiko would go out there and wait for him every night.

What Makes Hachiko Square a Great Place?

One of the busiest "simultaneous pedestrian crosswalks" is located right in front of Shibuya Station and is absolutely dizzying. When meeting a friend for a night out, the meeting place is inevitably "see you at Hachiko".

There are no seats or benches, it's a very hectic intersection. But the calming presence of that wonderful, faithful dog has inspired all who pass through Shibuya.

People of all ages and nationalities gather near 'the dog.'

Since it's the prelude to a night out or some social event, there is always a sense of intense optimism about this place.

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