Broadway Market, London Fields

Between London Fields Park and the Regents Canal
London, UK

Submitted by: Alun Hughes

A busy, fun-loving street with a farmers' style Saturday market.

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Why It Works

Situated on one of the oldest rackways into London, Broadway Market is a short busy street which links a park to a bridge over the canal. There’s lots of street life and a vibrant Saturday market.

What Makes Broadway Market, London Fields a Great Place?

There good walking routes across London Fields to and from other parties of Hackney and two Hoppa buses which serve the North and South end of the market. At the southern end is the Regent's Canal, which is a busy walking and cycling route. The market can be seen from the park with people eating street food on the grass at the southern end and plenty of tables and chairs along the market tom stop and eat on. The street is a car-free zone for the whole Saturday and market stalls and people take over, very child friendly.

When you first see the market it looks busy and full of live, with many different stalls selling different types of goods with an emphasis on organic farm produce and craft and design, as well as some great food to go and vintage clothes. There are a number of places to sit outside cafes along the street, and plenty of seats in the park right at the northern end. The market is well managed by the Tenants & Residents Association in collaboration with Hackney council. The market feels very friendly and safe and car-free.

The market is on a Saturday but over the last few years, the street has changed with new shops, pubs and restaurants. There also the established butcher and baker. Broadway Market attracts a broad age group, young and old. In the weekday evening there tends to be a younger crowd that hang out in the pubs and cafes.

Very lively, creative place loved by the locals, but also attracts visitors from across London. The park London Fields has just had a Lid (open air swimming pool) open. It is a very sociable place to meet and spend an evening in the week as well as enjoying the busy Saturday market. A lot of young families go to the market and then onto the park or down to the city farm just south of Broadway Market. It is a relatively short walk to Columbia Road Flower Market. Broadway Market is a great source of local pride, as the tenants & residents association initiated the recent market, though it is one of the oldest chartered markets in London. A good place to meet people, majority of people are from London, however, there is a strong art scene in the area with a number of galleries in walking distance which makes it good for tourists. The reopening of the Lid in the park will attract more people.

History & Background

The market's website is a great source of info on the story of how the market has been revived:

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