Charleston City Market

Market Street
Charleston, SC

Submitted by: Jim Makeever

140 year old market running the entire length of Market Street where the finds are as pleasing as the prices.

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Why It Works

Running several blocks long in beautiful historical Charleston, SC, everyone goes at least once on their visit to the low country. World wide travelers buying things made locally as well as from around the world. This market is lined with blocks of good restaurants, stores carriage rides and lots of history. This market was the heart of trade when the big wood ships came to America and still has the flavor of a great nation all over it. A great time and experience even if you buy nothing, although I doubt that is possible as there is so much to look and play with. The buildings have been flooded countless times but are open the next day. Vendors who call counties from around the world their old homes and this their new with all the mixes it is truly what America is about.

What Makes Charleston City Market a Great Place?

This is very approachable with a large center isle and streets on both sides. Carriage rides, tours, bus line taxies, bike carts are all here.

Cruise ships are unloaded at the end of the street. Hotels fine dining and friendly South Carolinians are here to help you enjoy your days in the area. During the warm months, April through November, the market also runs at night as there are lots of places to go and see in the evening hours. Haunted tours are a fun thing to do for adults as well as the kids, horse carriage rides during the day or evening makes whatever happens here a time to remember as a happy time in your life.

All times all ages and all nationalities come here. Bus tours of children to retired folks just out for a stroll are here year round.

Charleston is the heart of the low country and where America clawed out its beginnings and most will be more than glad to help our visitors as much as possible to find a place of comfort and fond memories.

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