Between the Linke Wienzeile and Rechte Wienzeile, from the Kettenbrückengasse to the Getreidemark
Vienna, Austria

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Naschmarkt is a unique mixture of Austrian traditions and exotic influences.

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Why It Works

The largest and the best-known of Vienna's outdoor markets, Naschmarkt is located at the Wienzeile and is 1.5 kilometers long. Enclosed, shop-like stalls and open air vendors covered by tents and awnings line two lanes that run the entire length of the market. Vendors sell everything from fresh produce and meat, to cheese and bread, as well as a great mix of ethnic spices, sauces and other treats. The ethnic influences of Vienna are reflected amongst the regional specialties such as Indian, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian and others. On Saturdays visitors can poke through a flea market, which may not offer goods of exceptional quality, but certainly has a few surprises.

The rows of cafes and small restaurants are fantastic places to sit outdoors, enjoy a coffee or glass of wine in between shopping, and watch people strolling among the market stalls. In addition to traditional Viennese food, the restaurants also offer a range of cuisine, like sushi and kabobs, and many are also open at night after the market stalls close. Several t-shirt shops are oddly interspersed among the stalls, selling scarves, clothes and accessories. A wonderful place to locals to stock up on the necessities, and for tourists to sample a taste of life in Vienna.

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