Public Art Installations, Vancouver City Parks

Multiple sites, but especially Devonian Park, Georgia Street near Denman St.
Vancouver, Canada

Submitted by: Dan Fairchild

In multiple locations throughout Vancouver Parks Department land there are sculptures, installed for 1 1/2 years.

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Why It Works

Vancouver is a great walking city, and the city parks receive heavy usage, so all of these sculptures are seen daily by a great many people. Two in particular stand out: 'Engagement Rings' (about 25 feet tall) on the Sea Wall path, and 'Jaguar' (85 feet tall) in Devonian Park.

What Makes Public Art Installations, Vancouver City Parks a Great Place?

Engagement Rings is on a heavily-used 6-mile shoreline path around Stanley Park, and Jaguar is at the other end of that path, near a heavily-traveled road. Both areas have considerable foot traffic as well as being viewable by autos. Rings can also be seen from the water of English Bay.

These parks are regularly maintained and cleaned by the Parks Department. It is a safe, highly used pedestrian environment.

Rain or shine thousands of people walk within 15 feet of Rings and within 60 feet of Jaguar. People of all ages, genders, races, and countries of national origin use these areas.

During the fall through spring residents make up perhaps 95% of the foot traffic, but in summer the number of tourists rise sharply. The Sea Wall has been expanded and upgraded in recent years such that it is now perhaps 20 miles long and receives incredibly high use. It is well beloved by those of us who live here.

History & Background

The sculptures (there must be 20 of them up by now) are part of the Vancouver Biennale. They have taken a wonderful, well used park system and added world-class sculpture to the mix, which pushes the parks into a whole new realm.

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