Sir Stuart Hogg Market-New Market

Kolkata, India

Submitted by: Michael Rosenkrantz

A gigantic public market with true Indian charm.

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Why It Works

One can get everything at this market with true Indian charm. The markets in India are not at all artificial and are everything that a true public market aficionado would want: sights, smells, lots and lots of people and lots and lots of food.

What Makes Sir Stuart Hogg Market-New Market a Great Place?

Yes, it is accessible and people connect on a constant basis. It is India and you can get there by foot, taxi, auto rickshaw, bus, etc.

Impression depends on whether one can remove their western way of thinking about a place and remember that one is in India. The area felt safe to me although one does have to be conscious of one's surroundings. Hardly any vehicles and people are everywhere.

The space and surrounding area is alive and full of people cooking, eating, etc. All different types of people use the space.

People were very friendly. This is India.

History & Background

Formal and informal markets are everywhere in India. No matter where you are there are street vendors selling everything from produce to cooked items. Everything can be bought on the streets. India is charming.

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