Parque do Aterro do Flamengo

Seafront of Central area of Rio, and Gloria, Flamengo and Botafogo neighborhood
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Submitted by: Mario Ceniquel

It is an urban public park of 2 kilometers of lawns, flowering shrubs and trees.

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Why It Works

It is an urban public park of 2 kilometers of extension Parque Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, popularly known as the Aterro or landfill, its 1.2 million m² of lawns, flowering shrubs and trees are one of the loveliest and most important landscaping projects designed by Roberto Burle Marx.

This park maybe be one of the more big urban modern parks in South America, made upon the demolition of one of the most important hills of the central area of Rio de Janeiro in 1949 (Saint Antonio hill). Made in 1960, this park have a very multi functional program, includes sports activities, restaurants, important public marina, airport and very important cultural movements and uses, like expositions and museums (between them the Modern Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro, project of famous modern Brazilian architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy and the Brazilian Soldiers Mausoleum of Second World War).

What Makes Parque do Aterro do Flamengo a Great Place?

Access to the park is very flowing, through bridges and footbridges of pedestrians that travel through up a free-way -that passes buried underneath the park.

This park works as a gigantic landscape mark of one of the most recognizable post card images of the city: the Guanabara Bay and the Sugarloaf Hill.

Running along the shoreline from the Santos Dumont Airport to Botafogo Bay, this park offers a wide array of attractions. An interesting itinerary starts at the Modern Art Museum, continuing past the Monument to World War II, the Marina da Gloria and the Carmen Miranda Museum, ending at the Monument to Estácio de Sá, founder of the City of Rio de Janeiro. An unforgettable spectacle on the first Sunday of each month is the changing of the guard by all three Armed Forces, at the Monument to World War II Soldier.

On Sundays and holidays, this park is closed to traffic, offering the public numerous recreation options.

Contact Info:

HARUYOSHI ONO, landscape architect and principal of BURLE MARX & COMPANY ltda.Tel.: 55 21 2558-3235 / 2558-3048 / 2558-3183 - BRASIL

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