Old Town Square

Praque, Czech Republic

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

A small town square that can cater to a number of distinct groups at the same time.

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Why It Works

You could easily and enjoyably spend a whole day here in the heart of Prague watching the comings and goings of happy tourists and locals. Although not a huge square, it caters to a number of distinct groups at the same time. The numerous young people gravitating to Prague sit on the edges of a striking art nouveau fountain while tourists head for a the stalls of a small souvenir market and well-heeled cafť society types take a seat at the outdoor restaurants in front of a historic Catholic church. And everyone waits for the famous clock to chime at the hour. Itís also the crossroads of the city, with pedestrian links to the nearby Charles Bridge, the famous Jewish quarter, Charles University and the much larger Wenceslas Square.

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