Commons at Calabasas

Commons Way
Calabasas, CA

Submitted by: Jan Dyer

A mixed-use, retail/commercial area, that is a real "people place."

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Why It Works

A well-planned retail complex with ample park-like gathering areas placed in between the retail. This is a very popular place, people love to picnic on the grassy areas. There are water features with fountains, fish, and turtles for children to interact with. Lovely finishes, very warm and inviting. Always packed with people, especially on nice evenings, when there are outdoor concerts and dining.

What Makes Commons at Calabasas a Great Place?

Easy to navigate, and used by all locals as well as people from out of the area. Visually accessible and accessible by transit, I believe. Sidewalks are wide and meandering; rich materials were used to pave the area. Ample parking is available in front.

The Commons makes a very good first impression, well populated in the evenings and on weekends. There are more women during weekdays. It is extremely clean and well maintained, and visitors feel safe. There is security present, but it is not in your face.

Well mixed for all ages. Regularly used for shopping, dining, walking, evening concerts, and 'hanging out' by people of all ages. There are many choices in seating areas and types. All areas are well used it seems like a well thought out tenant mix and placement.

I see both groups and singles there. Very animated. Water features, fish, and turtles cause people to stop and watch and linger and interact. There are probably more locals than tourists. You can feel a very strong element of local pride.

Contact Info:

James Dean, Landscape Architect: (805) 494-0623

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