Largo GlÍnio Peres

Praca XV de Novembro, Centro
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

Located by the City Hall and Public Market of Porto Alegre, this plaza is host to many cultural and political events.

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Why It Works

This plaza (or largo) was completed in the 1920's and has been a sought-after space for cultural and political events ever since. Situated in the heart of Porto Alegre's downtown, the largo is surrounded by noteworthy historical buildings like the City Hall (Prefeitura Municipal) and the Public Market (Mercado Publico), as well as multiple transportation terminals. In addition to being highly pedestrian-friendly, it is accessible by bus, tram, and bicycle.

The City of Porto Alegre manages the largo and uses it as a venue for street fairs and markets of all kinds throughout the year: fish and farmers markets, book shows, arts and crafts fairs, festivals, and cultural performances. The largo also plays a key role in the civic life of Porto Alegre as a popular venue for political speeches and demonstrations.

The largo's success as a public space is most apparent in the diversity of the people who use it. You will see people from all walks of life there: students, workers, senior citizens, tourists, businesspeople. The multitude of faces and activities make Largo GlÍnio Peres a truly great civic place.

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