The City Museum

St. Louis, MO

Contributed by Project for Public Spaces

An adventurous, ramshackle collection of outsized sculptures and play spaces, including famous multi-story slides.

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Why It Works

The brainchild of sculptor Bob Cassilly, the City Museum is like an amusement park in the middle of downtown St. Louis. It occupies an old shoe factory--a Depression-era relic that Cassilly and his partners have brought back to life with a fantastically imaginative collection of play spaces, exhibits, and sculptures. Some attractions, like the Museum's awe-inspiring underground cave system and its multi-story slides (which visitors use like downward escalators), take advantage of the building's unique industrial spaces. The museum invites its visitors to create and interact with exhibits, from the studios on display at "Art City" to the unique indoor playground known as "Skateless Park."

In addition to the museum space, the City Museum is a true mixed-use destination, housing a banquet facility, artist galleries, office space, and residential lofts. A tavern on the first floor called the Cabin Inn occupies a transplanted 19th century log cabin structure and is a frequent venue for local musicians. Like the rest of the museum, it is a place unique to St. Louis.

Contact Info:

Phone: (314) 231-CITY

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