Elmwood Avenue District

Elmwood Avenue south of Forest Avenue
Buffalo, NY

Submitted by: Christian Calleri

An exciting urban district that is fun and laid back.

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Why It Works

This is a beautiful, fun and laid back street and neighborhood that is punctuated by a few parks, many funky shops, delicious food, cafes, great architecture and vibrant street life.

What Makes Elmwood Avenue District a Great Place?

It is accessible by several bus lines, part of the street grid, and is only two blocks away from a subway line for much of its length.

Visitors get a great impression from this area, both first and lasting. It feels very safe, populated, and comfortable.

It is used all year long, for nothing specific, but simply for its life, food choices, shops, people watching, cafes, etc. The street and its outdoor sitting and parks are used at all times of the day and year by area residents.

The mood is artistic and fun. People visit the area in groups and alone, as residents, visitors, and workers. I'd say there are very few tourists, because Buffalo suffers very unjustly from a bad reputation.

Contact Info:

Forever Elmwood: 716-881-0707

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