Ver-o-peso Market

Belém do Pará, Brazil

Submitted by: Pedro Rivera

A permanent market on the Amazon River with over 2000 tents.

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Why It Works

An amazing market by the Amazon River. The market has more than 2000 tents. It is a historical site, and was recently renewed.

What Makes Ver-o-peso Market a Great Place?

Located in the city centre, on the margins of Guajará Bay, it is accessible by the people who come from the nearby islands by boat.

The place is full of life, densely occupied with people and products from the Amazon. The fish market, a steel construction imported from Glasgow in 1901, is the most memorable image of the city.

The market is open from 4:00am to 15:00pm. People from all social classes use the market. It is where they buy the traditional products from the Amazon.

The people here are very friendly, although there are few pick pockets.

History & Background

I worked on the architectural project for the market renewal in 2000. The market, although very important to the city, was decaying before the renewal. Middle class people were afraid of going there; there were many pickpockets, the conditions were very unsanitary, etc.

Tensile structures were built to substitute to the old, precarious wood and fibrocement stalls. This old structure was also so dark, so that you needed to have artificial lights during the day! We also restored the old buildings, like the fish market (iron one), and planned the reurbanization of the area.

There was no official process of evaluating conditions before and after the renewal, but in conversations with the sellers, they affirm that they improved their sales. The market became clear, clean and organized. The number of visitors, both locals and tourists, increased.

Products are delivered both by truck and boat. The boats arrive very early in the morning, bringing the native products and fish.

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