Downtown Park

100 block of SouthEast Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC

Submitted by: kyle sonnenberg

As its name indicates, this city-block-size park is located in the heart of Southern Pines.

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Why It Works

This is one of the few places that brings all the people of our community together: black and white, young and old, parents and singles. The Park contains two basketball courts located right on our main downtown street. There is a steady stream of people driving by who stop when they see a game going on and either participate or watch. These games are frequently biracial in makeup. Even in the middle of a weekday, there are people playing basketball.

The park also contains four tennis courts that attract all ages both during the day and at night. We have a large playground which attracts children, parents and grandparents from all over town. Next to the playground is a large picnic shelter which is used for many birthday parties and other special events. The park is used into the night as people feel very safe with the police department located next door. It is also one block from the elementary school and two blocks from the library. It contains many large trees under which our Autumnfest is held.

What Makes Downtown Park a Great Place?

The park is open on all four sides to adjoining public streets and is within walking distance from schools, neighborhoods, and the library, and biking distance from other neighborhoods. Activity in the park is visible from adjoining streets and the police department (lots of "eyes on the park"), and open space between activity areas allows easy access within the park itself.

The park has a number of large shade trees, a sitting wall bordering the park and the main street, restrooms in the park (and in the police department adjacent to the park), benches, a picnic shelter. Lots of activity at all hours contributes to its image as a bustling place.

There is basketball, tennis, picnics and parties, playground, and special events. A great place to be seen and meet friends.

The variety of uses create opportunities for interaction among people of different backgrounds; the park's location downtown means that it is not perceived as belonging to only one group or neighborhood.

History & Background

The park is well-maintained as the Town has more staff devoted to maintaining our parks and grounds than we have maintaining our streets.

Contact Info:

Town Manager Kyle Sonnenberg, 910-692-7021,

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