Pershing Square

South Olive Street and West 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA

Submitted by: Keith Malone

This open plaza that sits on top of an underground parking garage is rarely used.

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Why It Doesn't Work

Two blocks by three blocks long, this ugly open space sits on top of an underground parking garage. This would be good use of the space, except that the square is rarely used. Office workers in the nearby building or guests at the Biltmore Hotel, one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in LA, are the only people that you may find in the square, other than homeless people.

It is a very uninviting spot, and attempts over the years to update and make it relevant have yielded little.

What Puts Pershing Square in the Hall of Shame?

Public transportation connections are available around the park, and a great deal of daytime traffic swirls about it. Most people use it as a pathway to somewhere else and they do not linger there for very long.

It seems to provide little comfort. At its best, it is ugly and dingy, despite its makeover more than 10 years ago.

There are often lots of activities that draw people into the park, but it seems to do little good. Once the activity or event is over, people scatter, fearing they may be left alone.

The square is used as a pathway to somewhere else. A small group uses the area, but few view it as the social spot many city leaders want it to be.

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