San Francisco Church

Bolivar, Cuenca and Mideros Streets
Quito, Ecuador

Submitted by: Pablo Puente

An important religious and cultural site in Quito.

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Why It Works

The church’s construction belongs to the XVI century; the Franciscan community was in charge of it (until now). The church was constructed on an indigenous temple and in the past there was a “Tianguez” (indigenous market and trade center). The main style is baroque, and you can find plenty of gold and culture inside, a mysterious mixture of European and Andean art.

What Makes San Francisco Church a Great Place?

The church is well connected with its surroundings. Because the space where it is located is quite big, the people use it a lot because its one of the most important religious places of Quito. It is completely accessible on foot, it’s accessible visually. Because it’s located in the old town of Quito is easily accessible.

The first impression is amazing and there is a museum inside the convent, the cleanliness is good, the maintenance is supported by the local government and it is safe at all times of the day. There are many vehicles in the area because it is located in the old town of Quito.

Plenty of people visit the church every day like a spiritual center (especially poor people) and the principal parts of the all the convent that are available for the public is the Church and the main square.

The church is an important religious place for all the people who live in Quito. Even the non believers feel that it’s an important cultural place.

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