Lower Garden District

Bounded by Jackson Avenue, Prytania Street, Erato Street and Chippewa Street
New Orleans, LA

Submitted by: Marcelle Boudreaux

Neighborhood with an extensive collection of 19th-century residential and commercial buildings, many pre-dating the Civil War.

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Why It Works

What makes this neighborhood special are the abundance and the canopy of the trees. 150 year old oak trees form the backbone of the feel of the neighborhood. Lining the streets and yards, these trees define this residential neighborhood.

What Makes Lower Garden District a Great Place?

This neighborhood is easily navigable by foot. Not only is it accessible due to transit, including the St Charles streetcar, but it is such a pleasant area as to induce walking. The architecture and the urban form brings one back to different times, which have adjusted nicely to the present day.

Because this is a large neighborhood, specific details of the "space" may be elusive and misdirected. The feel of the neighborhood is one of comfort, one of tradition, and of aesthetic beauty. Most of the streets are one-lane residential or two-lane commercial; however, vehicles do not dominate this neighborhood.

Although highly residential, the major commercial thoroughfare Magazine Street provides retail and commercial uses. This street, although only two lanes wide, is a citywide shopping destination. A spacious park on Race Street provides some open space for the residents.

The element of local pride is high.

Contact Info:

Coliseum Square Association, neighborhood association for the Lower Garden District
PO Box 50024
New Orleans, LA 70150-0024
John Wettermark, President

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